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Fuel Injector Cleaning Fleet Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a key component to fleet fuel injector management to reduce repair costs and optimize fuel efficiency.  Every fleet manager knows that you change your oil and filter, rotate the tires and replace your fuel filters on a regular basis.  But, did you know that servicing your fuel injectors is the most beneficial and cost saving preventative maintenance that you can perform?  The fuel injectors are the heartbeat of your vehicle, providing the proper amount of fuel at the precise time.  If the fuel injector or fuel injector filter basket get dirty or clogged your engine does not perform at its full potential.  If one fuel injector does not supply enough fuel, the vehicle’s computer calls for more fuel from the whole system.  This leads to unburned fuel getting dumped out of the exhaust, significantly decreasing your fuel economy.  Race City injector can help set up a fuel injector maintenance program that will ensure you are getting the most out of your engine and pay for itself in fuel savings. Our Fleet Service Fuel Injector Cleaning Service will keep your fleet running on time and under budget. Contact Race City Injector today for all of your Fuel Injector Cleaning Service needs, whether your fleet is nationwide or local.

Lake Norman Fuel Injector Cleaning

Lost performance? Slowly loosing fuel mileage? Contact Race City Injector, serving Lake Norman North Carolina with premier fuel injector cleaning.

A perfect engine will not perform like it should unless each cylinder has the correct air/fuel mixture the engine needs. The fuel system of a modern computer-controlled fuel injected engine is so reliable that it seems to be almost maintenance free, but the fuel injected engines have fuel injectors that become flow restricted or “dirty” with use.

The symptoms a vehicle will most often experience as the fuel injectors get dirty and clogged, will be a gradual loss of engine driveability, power loss and fuel mileage reductions. These symptoms may appear so slowly with time and miles of driving that the driver may not even notice the loss of power and fuel mileage.

Over time, the fuel injectors will become flow restricted from both the deposits that the gasoline leaves in them as it flows through the injectors and the carbon deposits that form on the head of the injectors, causing engine driveability issues. High underhood temperatures that are common after the engine is shut off will also cause deposits to build up in the fuel injectors as the fuel boils in the injectors when you shut off the engine.

These deposits will both distort the fuel injector’s spray pattern and restrict the injector’s ability to supply the engine with the correct volume of fuel that the engine needs. The deposits will not always form equally on every fuel injector so you can also find driveability issues due to one or more cylinders not getting as much fuel as the other cylinders.

Unless all the fuel injectors supply each cylinder with the correct amount of vaporized fuel, the engine will not perform as well as it should, plus it will produce a higher level of exhaust emissions than it should. Let Race City Injector flow test and clean your fuel injectors to restore lost performance and improve fuel mileage.

Race City Injector is equipped to perform our Fuel Injector Cleaning Service to all makes and models of gasoline engines. If you have dirty fuel injectors, visit our shipping page and send them to Race City Injector for the best Fuel Injector Cleaning Service.

Natural Gas Fuel Injector Cleaning

Race City Injector provides natural gas fuel injector cleaning. CNG or compressed natural gas is an environmentally friendly alternative fuel source in place of gasoline because CNG is a very clean burning fuel. CNG-powered vehicles have lower maintenance costs than gasoline-powered vehicles, but they still need service. The fuel injectors that are used with CNG require a much higher flow rate than their gasoline counterparts, but still use the same small filter that a standard fuel injector uses.

Most of the CNG injectors that Race City Injector has serviced are covered with a “soot” like material that greatly restricts fuel flow.

The debris that flows through the fuel system and the oil vapors from the CNG compressor can cause fuel injector flow problems as the filter becomes restricted. The fuel injectors can become so flow restricted that engine damage may occur in extreme cases.

Race City Injector will professionally flow test and clean your Natural Gas Fuel Injector to restore your lost power and fuel efficiency.

GDI Fuel Injector Cleaning

Race City Injector provides GDI fuel injector cleaning for Gasoline Direct Injectors. The major advantages of a GDI engine are increased fuel efficiency and high power output. Emissions levels can also be more accurately controlled with the GDI system. The cited gains are achieved by the precise control over the amount of fuel and injection timings that are varied according to engine load. In addition, there are no throttling losses in some GDI engines, when compared to a conventional fuel-injected or carbureted engine, which greatly improves efficiency, and reduces ‘pumping losses’ in engines without a throttle plate. It is essential to maintain the cleanliness of the GDI Fuel Injector. Race City Injector is equipped with the latest technology to properly clean GDI Injectors.

Fuel Injector Cleaning

If your late model automobile is not performing up to par, let Race City Injector perform our  Fuel Injector Cleaning to your vehicle. Let Race City Injector clean your dirty fuel injectors and restore it to like new condition!! Don’t waste your money on national auto supply house injector cleaner or replacing your fuel injector, let Race City Injector’s certified technicians perform our fuel injector cleaning service on your vehicle today!

Motorcycle Fuel Injector Cleaning Service

It’s fall motorcycle rally time!!! Let Race City Injector perform our Motorcycle Fuel Injector Cleaning Service before you head out on your bike to one of the fall rallies. There are many rallies planned in North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, California and Florida. If your bike has been stored for any length of time, the ethanol in today’s fuel is notorious for clogging fuel injectors. Our guys will be at the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Fall Rally. For all of your Motorcycle Fuel Injector needs, contact Race City Injector.

Race City Injector Website Launch

We are pleased to announce that racecityinjector.com was re-designed and officially launched on October 09, 2013. To celebrate this re-design Race City Injector is giving away two tickets to the World of Outlaws World Finals at The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway. To enter the contest please visit our Twitter Page www.twitter.com/racecityinjectr and follow Race City Injector. The tickets will be given away to a random follower on November 01, 2013.

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