Fuel Injector Ultrasonic Cleaning & Flow Testing
Mooresville North Carolina

Performance Fuel Injector Cleaning Service

Race City Injector specializes in performance fuel injector cleaning service and racing vehicles. Our state of the art ANSU ultrasonic cleaning equipment and flow bench can increase your speed and performance. One of the most overlooked performance components of an engine are the fuel injectors. The fuel injectors have the tightest tolerance (1 Micron) of any mechanical component on the engine and the proper delivery of an adequate amount of fuel is the #1 ingredient to SPEED! If you’re experiencing a loss of top-speed rpm’s, horsepower, rough idle or are trying to diagnose an engine problem, check out our Performance Fuel Injector Cleaning Service page and give us a call.

Race City Injector can also Blueprint, or more commonly known as Flow Match, a set of injectors. To blueprint a set of injectors we take several injectors of the same type and narrow them down to a set that flows within 1% of each other. This process ensures that each cylinder is receiving the same amount of fuel and therefore, enhancing performance. Please check out our Flow Matching page for more details.

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