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Ethanol & Fuel Injectors

Enemies:  Ethanol & Fuel Injectors

The evidence is undeniable; Ethanol is good for the environment but disastrous for fuel injectors.  Ethyl alcohol, also known as ethanol, is a grain alcohol that is added to gasoline to burn in engines without the need for modifications.  Virtually every fuel station in the United States has pumps that feature gasoline blended with 5 to 10 percent ethanol.

Although ethanol is a renewable, domestically produced, cleaner burning fuel, ethanol causes problems to fuel injectors due to its clean burning attributes, especially in older vehicles.  Ethanol burns cleaner than gasoline and has a cleansing effect on an automobile’s fuel system.  This cleansing process caused by ethanol loosens varnish and deposits in the fuel system that clog the fuel injector filter basket, pintle and seat.  If a fuel injector becomes clogged due to gasoline deposits, the injector will not be able to supply the proper amount of fuel to air ratio, leading to a sluggish, inefficient motor.  Vehicles manufactured prior to 2000 often have numerous issues with the fuel injection system because there is a greater amount of fuel deposits left behind by non-ethanol gasoline.

The second attribute of ethanol is that it is a hygroscopic solvent, which in layman’s terms, means that it draws moisture from the air.  This moisture creates a clogging sludge that is problematic for fuel injectors.  These problems persist in vehicles which fuels sit for more than 90 days from creation as in boats, wave runners, motorcycles and ATV’s.

Race City Injector can clean and restore your fuel injectors to like new condition to further avoid significant, costly damage to your engine.

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