Fuel Injector Ultrasonic Cleaning & Flow Testing
Mooresville North Carolina

Fuel Injector Cleaning Process

Race City Injector Patented ASNU Ultrasonic Cleaning Process

  1. Each fuel injector is visually inspected and tested for resistance, shorts, current draw and inductance.
  2. The fuel injector is externally cleaned using a parts washer to remove any dirt, grease or debris that may restrict the flow testing of the unit.
  3. The fuel injector is placed on the ASNU cleaning machine and each injector is leak tested and the flow rate and spray pattern is recorded. During this process, the dynamic/pulsed and static/wide open tests are performed.
  4. Each fuel injector is now disassembled by removing the pintle cap, filter basket and o-rings.
  5. The three step ultrasonic cleaning process is now performed on the fuel injectors. The injectors are placed in a cleaning solution to remove any remaining grease or grim from the bottom of the injector. The injectors are then placed in the ultrasonic tank and connected to injector drivers to allow the injectors to be pulsed while being subjected to the ultrasonic waves. The injectors are then subjected to a high pressure back flush to remove to remove any remaining debris.
  6. The fuel injectors are now placed back on the ASNU cleaning machine and flow testing, leak testing and spray pattern is re-recorded.
  7. New pintle cap, filter basket and o-rings are installed on the fuel injector.
  8. A detailed test report is prepared and returned with the fuel injectors that detail the fuel flow rates before and after cleaning, and the spray pattern assessments for each injector. Also included in the test report is the system variance that details the static and pulsed variance of the injectors before and after cleaning.


  1. The filter baskets are removed and the injectors are placed in the ultrasonic bath. When switched on, the injectors will be pulsed simultaneously.
  2. The simultaneous pulsing and the ultrasonic frequency in the Bio Clean Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid begins to breakdown the baked on deposits left by unleaded fuels.
  3. The combination of ultrasonic frequency in the Bio Clean Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid continues the cleaning process.
  4. The patented reverse flow program begins to push the fluid back up inside the injectors breakdown the baked on deposits left by the un-leaded fuels.
  5. During the 30 minute cycle, the fluid continues to flow back up the injector
  6. The emulsified deposits eventually spill out of the top of the injector.
  7. The cleaning process must continue until the chemicals have gone and the fluid is clear one again.
  8. The Injector is now clean
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