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Cleaning Injectors

Race City Injector specializes in cleaning injectors. Our injector experts have over 50 years of combined automotive service experience and numerous certifications to assure that your fuel injector are cleaned by certified injector experts. Fuel Injector Cleaning is our passion and making sure that your fuel injectors are performing at maximum performance is our priority. Don’t sacrifice your vehicle’s performance by ignoring your fuel injectors! Let Race City Injector service your fuel injectors today! Our trained technicians will restore your fuel injectors to like new condition and maximize your fuel injector performance. Contact us today for all of your fuel injector needs!

Fuel Injector Cleaning Service Area

We get a lot of calls asking what our fuel injector cleaning service area includes. Currently we provide fuel injector cleaning service to all fifty states, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and several over seas countries. Our location is in Mooresville, North Carolina, but our service area is unlimited. If you need fuel injector cleaning service, contact Race City Injector today and we will help you through the process of shipping us your fuel injectors. Currently the USPS provides a flat rate box for around $6.00 that allows the package to be delivered in 2-3 days nationwide.

Florida Fuel Injector Cleaning Service

The guys in the shop just got back from Florida, providing motorcycle fuel injector cleaning service at the 73rd annual Daytona Bike Week in Daytona, Florida. What a week!! If you have never experienced bike week in Daytona, put it on your bucket list. Our guys were there to provide motorcycle fuel injector cleaning service and fuel injector cleaning information to all of the rally attendees. If you motorcycle is not performing as it should, let our trained technicians service your fuel injectors and restore the lost power that a dirty/clogged fuel injector can steal from your bike. Our motorcycle fuel injector cleaning service allows your fuel injectors to perform at maximum performance and provide maximum fuel efficiency. If you have any questions regarding our fuel injector cleaning service, please give us a call or stop by the shop and show off you bike.

East Coast opener for NHRA coming to Gainesville, Florida

The 45th annual Amalie Motor Oil NHRA Gatornationals are coming to Auto Plus Raceway in Gainesville, Florida, March 13-16, 2014.  Race City Injector is excited for the east coast opener for the NHRA and wishes all of our fuel injector cleaning service customers “GOOD LUCK!”  If you plan to attend this historic event be sure to look for the Race City Injector guys and ask how our fuel injector cleaning service can have your fuel injectors performing like the NHRA pro’s do.  Also, if you provide a copy of your ticket stub with your fuel injector cleaning service order within 90 days of the Gatornationals, Race City Injector will take 10% off of your final bill.

Off Car Fuel Injector Cleaning

Quite often we get asked, “What is the best fuel injector cleaner?”  Our answer is always, Off Car Fuel Injector Cleaning!!  If you vehicle is showing signs of dirty, clogged, bad or faulty fuel injectors then your best answer is not to dump a cleaner in your fuel tank and hope it works.  The only way to ensure your fuel injectors are clean and flowing properly is to service your injectors off of the car.  Race City Injector, with our ASNU machine, will visually inspect each injector, test for electrical failures, perform a leak test, inspect spray pattern, provide a “before cleaning” flow test, ultrasonically clean the injector, replace the components, provide a “after cleaning” flow test and finally, provide you a report with all of the results.  Don’t hope your fuel injectors are getting cleaned, know your fuel injector are clean!

Las Vegas Fuel Injector Cleaning Service

The guys at Race City Injector are headed to Las Vegas, Nevada this week for the CONEXPO. The largest construction exhibition in the world!! The guys will be providing information about the Race City Injector Fuel Injector Cleaning Service and our Fuel Injector Fleet Maintenance Program. Our Fuel Injector Fleet Maintenance Program provides fleet owners with proven results and sustainable fuel savings through our Fleet Fuel Injector Cleaning Service. Our programs include fuel injector maintenance programs for natural gas (CNG) and gasoline vehicle fleets. Please visit our fleet maintenance page for any questions regarding our Fuel Injector Fleet Maintenance Program. If any of you guys are in Las Vegas this week, be sure to look for the Race City Injector guys!

Snowmobile Fuel Injector Cleaning Service

Wow, what a winter we have had for snowmobile riding!  At one point we had snow on the ground in 49 of the 50 states.  Whether you are a Polaris, Ski-doo, Yamaha or Artic Cat owner we hope you were able to enjoy endless hours of riding this winter.  Now that the snowmobile season is coming to an end, it is time to start thinking about summerization and storage.  Everybody has their own ideas on how to summerize their sled including fogging or oiling the cylinders.  Some folks like to run their gas tanks dry and others add iso heat or another brand of water remover or reducer to the fuel tank.  With most of today’s snowmobile manufactures switching over to electronic fuel injection from the days of carburetors there is one very important step that may not be on your list, snowmobile fuel injector cleaning.  Race City Injector offers snowmobile fuel injector cleaning service for all makes of sleds.  One of the worst things you can do is store your snowmobile for the summer with ethanol blended fuel sitting in the fuel injectors.  The ethanol attracts moisture and the fuel begins to separate within weeks causing damage to the fuel injector and possible clogging of the fuel injector filter basket.  Don’t make this costly mistake of damaging your fuel injectors or worse, your snowmobile’s engine.  Contact the fuel injector specialists at Race City Injector to provide professional snowmobile fuel injector cleaning service and flow testing service for your snowmobile.  You will be glad you had your fuel injectors cleaned when the first snow flies next winter and you’re leading the pack down the trails!

South Carolina Fuel Injector Cleaning Service

As the weather starts warming up in South Carolina, Race City Injector has been performing our Motorcycle Fuel Injector Cleaning Service and our Boat Fuel Injector Cleaning Service for several customers. Our Fuel Injector Cleaning Service will assure your fuel injectors are performing at optimal performance after sitting idle through the winter season. As many of our South Carolina customers know, today’s fuel containing ethanol begins to break down and clog fuel injectors after six weeks. For information regarding our South Carolina Fuel Injector Cleaning Service, contact Race City Injector today!!

Performance Fuel Injector Cleaning Service

Looking for optimal performance out of you high performance vehicle?? Look no further!! Race City Injector provides Performance Fuel Injector Cleaning Service to all high performance vehicles. Dirty Fuel Injectors or Clogged Fuel Injectors may be limiting your performance more than you think. Race City Injector has the resources and the experience to maximize your vehicles performance by implementing our Performance Fuel Injector Cleaning Service on your Fuel Injectors. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help your high performance vehicle perform like it should!!

Dirty Fuel Injectors

Ever look under your hood and realize just how dirty your engine compartment is?? Imagine what your Fuel Injectors look like if they have never been serviced or cleaned. Dirty Fuel Injectors are one of the most common performance issues that can be corrected by simply contacting Race City Injector. Our Fuel Injector Cleaning Service will clean and unclog your dirty fuel injectors. Have your mechanic remove the dirty fuel injectors or remove them yourself and ship them to us for a fast and reliable Fuel Injector Cleaning Service. Most fuel injectors are returned the same day or the next morning. If you are in the area, contact us for drop off or same day pickup service. Visit our shipping page for all shipping and cost information. Race City Injector provides unprecedented customer service for all of our Fuel Injector Cleaning Service customers.

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