Fuel Injector Ultrasonic Cleaning & Flow Testing
Mooresville North Carolina

Fuel Injector Cleaning Fleet Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a key component to fleet fuel injector management to reduce repair costs and optimize fuel efficiency.  Every fleet manager knows that you change your oil and filter, rotate the tires and replace your fuel filters on a regular basis.  But, did you know that servicing your fuel injectors is the most beneficial and cost saving preventative maintenance that you can perform?  The fuel injectors are the heartbeat of your vehicle, providing the proper amount of fuel at the precise time.  If the fuel injector or fuel injector filter basket get dirty or clogged your engine does not perform at its full potential.  If one fuel injector does not supply enough fuel, the vehicle’s computer calls for more fuel from the whole system.  This leads to unburned fuel getting dumped out of the exhaust, significantly decreasing your fuel economy.  Race City injector can help set up a fuel injector maintenance program that will ensure you are getting the most out of your engine and pay for itself in fuel savings. Our Fleet Service Fuel Injector Cleaning Service will keep your fleet running on time and under budget. Contact Race City Injector today for all of your Fuel Injector Cleaning Service needs, whether your fleet is nationwide or local.

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