Fuel Injector Ultrasonic Cleaning & Flow Testing
Mooresville North Carolina

Lake Norman Fuel Injector Cleaning

Lost performance? Slowly loosing fuel mileage? Contact Race City Injector, serving Lake Norman North Carolina with premier fuel injector cleaning.

A perfect engine will not perform like it should unless each cylinder has the correct air/fuel mixture the engine needs. The fuel system of a modern computer-controlled fuel injected engine is so reliable that it seems to be almost maintenance free, but the fuel injected engines have fuel injectors that become flow restricted or “dirty” with use.

The symptoms a vehicle will most often experience as the fuel injectors get dirty and clogged, will be a gradual loss of engine driveability, power loss and fuel mileage reductions. These symptoms may appear so slowly with time and miles of driving that the driver may not even notice the loss of power and fuel mileage.

Over time, the fuel injectors will become flow restricted from both the deposits that the gasoline leaves in them as it flows through the injectors and the carbon deposits that form on the head of the injectors, causing engine driveability issues. High underhood temperatures that are common after the engine is shut off will also cause deposits to build up in the fuel injectors as the fuel boils in the injectors when you shut off the engine.

These deposits will both distort the fuel injector’s spray pattern and restrict the injector’s ability to supply the engine with the correct volume of fuel that the engine needs. The deposits will not always form equally on every fuel injector so you can also find driveability issues due to one or more cylinders not getting as much fuel as the other cylinders.

Unless all the fuel injectors supply each cylinder with the correct amount of vaporized fuel, the engine will not perform as well as it should, plus it will produce a higher level of exhaust emissions than it should. Let Race City Injector flow test and clean your fuel injectors to restore lost performance and improve fuel mileage.

Race City Injector is equipped to perform our Fuel Injector Cleaning Service to all makes and models of gasoline engines. If you have dirty fuel injectors, visit our shipping page and send them to Race City Injector for the best Fuel Injector Cleaning Service.

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