Fuel Injector Ultrasonic Cleaning & Flow Testing
Mooresville North Carolina

Natural Gas Fuel Injector Cleaning

Race City Injector provides natural gas fuel injector cleaning. CNG or compressed natural gas is an environmentally friendly alternative fuel source in place of gasoline because CNG is a very clean burning fuel. CNG-powered vehicles have lower maintenance costs than gasoline-powered vehicles, but they still need service. The fuel injectors that are used with CNG require a much higher flow rate than their gasoline counterparts, but still use the same small filter that a standard fuel injector uses.

Most of the CNG injectors that Race City Injector has serviced are covered with a “soot” like material that greatly restricts fuel flow.

The debris that flows through the fuel system and the oil vapors from the CNG compressor can cause fuel injector flow problems as the filter becomes restricted. The fuel injectors can become so flow restricted that engine damage may occur in extreme cases.

Race City Injector will professionally flow test and clean your Natural Gas Fuel Injector to restore your lost power and fuel efficiency.

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