Fuel Injector Ultrasonic Cleaning & Flow Testing
Mooresville North Carolina

Fuel Injector Flow Matching

Injector flow-matching, also called blueprinting, ensures that each injector is delivering identical amounts of fuel to the engine’s cylinders and is an excellent means to improve the engine’s performance and efficiency.
This “flow-matching” theory can be demonstrated by the following example. A 350HP engine’s fuel injector is rated at 30 lbs/hr. Due to variances allowed in manufacturing tolerances, it is extremely rare to find that all 8 injectors would flow exactly 30 lbs/hr. If one injector had a flow variance of 6% less, then that cylinder would only receive 28 lbs/hr of fuel (0.94 x 30 = 28.2). A decrease of 1 lb/hr of fuel roughly equates to a potential loss of 2 horsepower. If 3 injectors were 6% lean, that would translate to a potential loss of approximately 6 horsepower. The counter of this theory is injectors supplying 6% too much fuel resulting in unburned fuel and lost fuel economy.
A flow-matched set of injectors are matched at their static and dynamic points assuring you that the injectors will flow nearly identical through the entire RPM range. Although this process may seem overindulging to some, having a set of flow matched injectors from Race City Injector will give you a reason to smile for the cameras in VICTORY LANE!

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