Fuel Injector Ultrasonic Cleaning & Flow Testing
Mooresville North Carolina


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Lake Lanier Fuel Injector Cleaning Service | Race City Injector

Rough idle. Won’t reach maximum RPM. Bogs down. Down on power. Poor Fuel Economy. Sound familiar? These are all symptoms of dirty or clogged fuel injectors. Many factors contribute to these problems including water in the fuel, utilizing ethanol fuel, trash in the fuel tank and an engine that doesn’t run for weeks and sometimes months on end. The good news is there is an easy and in-expensive solution to these problems. Fuel injector cleaning service from Race City Injector. We are the go to injector cleaning service provider for boaters on lakes across the country including Lake Lanier. We offer free return shipping and service times of 1-2 days in most cases. There is no need to throw away perfectly working fuel injectors that just need a cleaning and filter replacement. We service all inboard and outboard marine engines including Mercury, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Volvo Penta, Mercruiser, Evinrude and more. Don’t forget about jet-skis and wave runners, we service those as well! Check out our Instagram or Facebook page for videos of marine injectors that have caused problems and required fuel injector cleaning service.

Mooresville Dragway Fuel Injector Cleaning

If you race at Mooresville Dragway, let RCI perform our fuel injector cleaning service on your high performance vehicle to allow you to obtain the results your vehicle deserves. Our high performance fuel injector cleaning service will provide you with before and after test results along with new filter baskets, o-rings, pintle caps and spacers. Don’t be left behind!! Let Race City Injector clean your fuel injectors today!!

Electronic Fuel Injection Cleaning

One of the greatest things to ever occur in the automotive world was the invention of computer controlled electronic fuel injection (EFI) systems for passenger cars and light trucks. While many automotive technicians and car owners are intimidated by the possibility of diagnosing, repairing, and even maintaining these complex fuel delivery systems.

Modern OBD-II computerized engine control and fuel delivery systems can communicate with technicians, making us aware of conditions which are beyond our field of vision and analyze failure data which occurred in a fraction of an instant, hours, days, and even months prior.
The key to getting a clear understanding of what makes the electronic fuel injection system operate is gaining a degree of familiarity with the basic components.

The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) could be best described as the “brain” of the EFI system. It utilizes data drawn from sensors in the engine, exhaust, transmission, and fuel tank to determine the amperage necessary to accomplish a duty cycle pulse width suitable for delivery of the optimum amount of fuel required. This can be measured on a per cylinder basis, or for any equal combination of cylinders. For instance; a throttle body injection system utilizes two total fuel injectors positioned near the center of the intake manifold. Fuel is delivered to the right engine bank from one fuel injector and engine bank 2 receives fuel from the second injector. Multi-port fuel injection systems deliver fuel into the intake passages of individual cylinders and direct fuel injection systems deliver fuel directly into the combustion chamber of each individual cylinder. Mass air flow, exhaust oxygen content, engine temperature, manifold air pressure, intake air temperature, and throttle position, as well as camshaft and crankshaft angle are all included as factors in determining quantity and timing of fuel delivery.

Most modern fuel injection systems utilize a pulsing ground signal system. Once the ignition is turned to the on position, constant voltage is applied to the fuel injectors. When the engine is running, fuel injectors receive a ground pulse signal from the PCM. The combination of steady voltage and a ground pulse, supplied at precisely the correct time, causes the fuel injector to emit a patterned spray of fuel into the appropriate cylinder at the appropriate second.

The fuel injector, which delivers the actual spray of gasoline, is typically mounted in the throttle body housing or a fuel rail. It is supplied with pressurized gasoline by the fuel pump. The injector is a pressurized solenoid which is fitted with two electrical poles that complete an electrical circuit and open the injector, creating a spray effect with the pressurized gasoline being emitted from the tip. The tip is inserted into the intake manifold, combustion chamber, or throttle body, depending upon design.

The fuel pump is normally located in the fuel tank. It is also electrically operated, controlled by the PCM and a fuel pump relay. It runs constantly with the engine cranked and supplies fuel at varying degrees of pressure to the injectors. The degree of pressure that the injectors receive is determined primarily using an inline fuel pressure regulator. Between the fuel pump and the injectors there is often an inline fuel filter to trap excessive amounts of debris from dirty fuel.

For questions regarding your EFI vehicle, contact Race City Injector.

Southeast Fuel Injector Cleaning

If you live in the southeast and are in search of fuel injector cleaning service or replacement fuel injectors, visit Race City Injector. Our clients include master mechanics, shade tree mechanics and do it yourselfers. If your fuel injectors are preventing your vehicle from performing at max performance, give us a call today!!

Lake Wylie Boat Repair

If you live in the Lake Wylie area and need boat/marine fuel injector cleaning, contact Race City Injector. Don’t let your mobile marine repair man pour additives into your fuel!! Remove your fuel injectors and have them professionally cleaned by trained professionals using the industry leading ASNU fuel injector cleaning machine. Our fuel injector cleaning service provides before and after flow testing, replacement of all components and ultrasonically cleaning of your fuel injectors.

Lake Norman Boat Repair

If your Lake Norman boat repair man suggests that your fuel injectors are clogged and need cleaned, contact Race City Injector for professional boat fuel injector cleaning. Mobile marine technicians will only pour an additive into your fuel with no proven results. Don’t pay for something that you can’t see. Race City Injector will flow test your fuel injectors and ultrasonically clean them, replacing all of the o-rings, filter basket and pintel cap. Don’t let your boat season be cut short by dirty or clogged fuel injectors!! Race City Injector provides same day service to all local customers!

Bass Boat Fuel Injector Cleaning

Looking for a little edge in the competitive world of Bass Fishing?? Need a little more top end to get to the honey spot before the competitor?? Let Race City Injector clean your boat fuel injectors and provide you with the confidence that your boat won’t let you down when you need it most. Our outboard fuel injector cleaning service typically provides 15% -20% gains on fuel flow alone!! Outboard motors struggle with today’s ethanol fuel which leads to dirty and clogged fuel injectors. Our boat fuel injector cleaning service will restore your fuel injectors and restore the lost power that your outboard may be losing due to clogged fuel injectors. Don’t get left behind at the ramp, contact RCI today for all of your boat fuel injector cleaning.

Jet Ski Fuel Injector Cleaning

If your jet ski is not performing up to par, chances are your fuel injectors are clogged!! Typically most jet skis sit for six months out of the year with fuel in the tank collecting condensation. If your jet ski is having trouble starting, idling or hesitant on takeoff, let Race City Injector perform our jet ski fuel injector cleaning service on your watercraft today. Our service is typically performed same day so you are back on the water in no time. Our service includes flow testing the fuel injectors, removing the filter basket, o-rings and pintel cap, then ultrasonically cleaning the fuel injector and replacing the components. Don’t be fooled by the big brand fuel injector additives, let RCI clean your injectors and restore the lost power in your watercraft. We service all type of jet skis, Honda, Polaris, Sea Doo, Yamaha and Kawasaki. Contact us today for all of your jet ski fuel injector needs.

Outboard Fuel Injector Cleaning

If your Outboard engine is running rough, and not performing up to par, let Race City Injector perform our Fuel Injector Cleaning Service. We service all outboard engines including Mercury, Evinrude, Yahmaha, Johnson, Honda, Suzuki and many others… If your engine is not listed here, contact us for a full list of outboard engines that we service. We are the industry leaders in outboard fuel injector cleaning. We offer same day cleaning service on local orders and next day return on all others. We can put you back on the water ASAP!!

North Carolina Boat/Marine Fuel Injector Cleaning

As boating season approaches, don’t forget to let Race City Injector perform our Boat/Marine Fuel Injector Cleaning Service on your vessel before you head out for the season. Our Boat/Marine Fuel Injector Cleaning Service will keep your vessel operating at optimum performance all summer long. We offer same day service for all local customers and convenient drop off and pick up service.

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