Fuel Injector Ultrasonic Cleaning & Flow Testing
Mooresville North Carolina


South Carolina Boat/Marine Fuel Injector Cleaning

If you own a boat in South Carolina and need fuel injector cleaning service, let Race City Injector perform our Boat/Marine Fuel Injector Cleaning Service on your engine today! Our Boat/Marine Fuel Injector Cleaning Service includes replacement of all components including o-rings, filter baskets and pintel caps. We also provide you with a detailed test data report that includes a before and after flow comparison. Our turn around time on injector cleaning is next day. Don’t waste any time waiting on your fuel injectors to be returned, contact Race City Injector today!!

Lake Erie Ohio Fuel Injector Cleaning

Before you put your boat on Lake Erie let Race City Injector perform our fuel injector cleaning service. Race City Injector services all of Ohio including Lake Erie. Don’t miss out on some of the best walleye fishing because you didn’t have your fuel injectors serviced for the year. Race City Injector has several fuel injector cleaning service plans that will allow you to rest easy knowing that your fuel injectors are performing like new!! Our excellent customer service and fast return time will have you back on the lake ASAP!!

Michigan Fuel Injector Cleaning

If you are looking for fuel injector cleaning in Michigan, contact Race City Injector. We provide fuel injector cleaning service to do it yourself mechanics, auto mechanics, engine builders and fleet managers. Our boat/marine fuel injector cleaning service also provides fuel injector cleaning to Lake Michigan. Our fuel injector cleaning service can be performed on automobiles, boats, atv, personal watercraft, motorcycle, cng, natural gas, and performance vehicles. Our customer service is exceptional and our return time is usually next day!! If you have dirty fuel injectors and live in Michigan, contact Race City Injector today!!

Prevent Fuel Injector Failure

How can I prevent fuel injector failure? We get asked that a lot at Race City Injector. The answer is really simple. Let Race City Injector perform our fuel injector cleaning service on your vehicle!! Fuel today is extremely dirty, which leads to dirty and clogged fuel injectors. Our service technicians will remove the filter baskets, o-rings and pintel caps and replace them with new components. We will also ultrasonically clean your fuel injector, flow test it and record before and after test results which will allow you to see the difference in the performance of a dirty fuel injector versus a clean fuel injector.

Ohio Boat Fuel Injector Cleaning

The weather is slowly giving way in Ohio which means boating season is right around the corner. Let Race City Injector perform our boat fuel injector cleaning service on your vessel before you launch this year. When is the last time you had your boat’s fuel injector cleaned? If you can’t recall, or it’s been more than six months since Race City Injector has performed our marine fuel injector cleaning service​, your fuel injector may fail when you need it the most. On top of being stranded, you’ll have the added expense of being towed back to shore and then having your fuel injector replaced.

Why Routine Cleaning is Necessary

The importance of having your boat’s fuel injector cleaned twice a year cannot be stressed enough. There are two reasons why regular maintenance is required. First, the fuel injector in your boat operates much differently than the one in your car. Unlike car fuel injectors, marine fuel injectors have open systems. This means that fuel lies around in your boat’s gas tank, hoses, and other parts for a longer period of time. This may not sound like a big problem, but the second reason your fuel injector needs to be cleaned ties directly into the way in which an open fuel system operates.

While it’s true that your fuel injector can become dirty or clogged through normal use, the main culprit of fuel injector failure is gasoline. Today’s gasoline contains ethanol. Gasoline laced with ethanol may be fine for your vehicle, but it will wreak havoc on your boat’s fuel injector.

Why Ethanol is Destructive

Ethanol can damage your engine, fuel injector and other engine parts in several ways. The destruction caused by ethanol is due to its natural properties, which include:

Being a solvent
Attracting water
Having a shorter lifespan
Producing less BTUs than regular gasoline
Being a natural solvent means that ethanol will, over time, dissolve key engine parts such as gaskets, seals, and gas tanks made of fiberglass. This is one big disadvantage of an open fuel system. Additionally, ethanol loosens the sludge from the walls of fuel tanks. The sludge then chokes fuel lines and clogs fuel injectors as well as carburetors.

If that wasn’t bad enough, ethanol attracts water. Water buildup in your fuel tank results in poor engine performance. It will also cause contamination of your boat’s fuel injector. When the fuel injector can’t function properly, your boat can’t achieve maximum power and is more likely to stall. In many cases, both of these ethanol related problems result in repair bills worth thousands of dollars.

You can help to reduce these types of ethanol related problems by having Race City Injector clean your fuel injector every six months. Removing the sludge and water left behind by ethanol laced gasoline will keep your boat running like new, so you can enjoy your time on the water without having to worry about mechanical failures. For all of your marine fuel injector cleaning, contact Race City Injector

Ohio Fuel Injector Cleaning

Race City Injector is headed to Ohio this weekend to watch some racing and provide fuel injector cleaning service information. If you are in the New Weston Ohio area, look us up for some free giveaways and to talk shop with the guys about the benefits of fuel injector cleaning. Race City Injector provides high quality fuel injector cleaning and excellent customer service. If you have any questions about our fuel injector cleaning service, contact Race City Injector today!

Richmond Virginia Fuel Injector Cleaning

The guys from Race City Injector will be in Richmond Virginia this weekend providing fuel injector cleaning information and giving away RCI Merchandise. If you are a do-it-yourself mechanic, engine builder, automotive repair shop owner or fleet manager in the Richmond Virginia area, stop by and see us and review our fuel injector cleaning service and learn how our services will benefit you. Our fuel injector service program is industry leading and provides you with the piece of mind that your fuel injectors are serviced correctly!

North Carolina Fuel Injector Cleaning Service

Race City Injector provides Fuel Injector Cleaning Service to North Carolina and surrounding states. We are located in Mooresville, North Carolina on beautiful Lake Norman. We offer same day service and local pickup and delivery for our local customers. Our services include fuel injector cleaning, fuel injector sales, fuel injector flow matching, fuel injector blueprinting and fuel injector flow testing. Visit us and let our certified technicians perform our industry leading fuel injector cleaning service on your vehicle today.

Georgia Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Cleaning

Race City Injector provides ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning to customers in Georgia on all types of vehicles including ATV, Boats, CNG and Performance Vehicles. If you live in Georgia, contact Race City Injector today for all of you fuel injector cleaning needs. Our fuel injector cleaning service is industry leading and provides you with a comparison of before and after cleaning results!


The guys at Race City Injector spent the weekend at VIR Virginia International Raceway providing fuel injector cleaning for an SCCA F1000 Team. The SCCA Sports Car Club of America puts on one of the best weekend racing lineups on the east coast!! If you are looking for an action packed weekend full of racing, we suggest that you attend the next SCCA event!! As always, if your vehicle is not performing up to par, let Race City Injector perform our Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Cleaning Service on your fuel injectors.  Race City Injector provides fuel injector cleaning service on ATV, Boat, Motorcycle, CNG, and performance vehicles.

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