Fuel Injector Ultrasonic Cleaning & Flow Testing
Mooresville North Carolina

Off Car Fuel Injector Cleaning

Quite often we get asked, “What is the best fuel injector cleaner?”  Our answer is always, Off Car Fuel Injector Cleaning!!  If you vehicle is showing signs of dirty, clogged, bad or faulty fuel injectors then your best answer is not to dump a cleaner in your fuel tank and hope it works.  The only way to ensure your fuel injectors are clean and flowing properly is to service your injectors off of the car.  Race City Injector, with our ASNU machine, will visually inspect each injector, test for electrical failures, perform a leak test, inspect spray pattern, provide a “before cleaning” flow test, ultrasonically clean the injector, replace the components, provide a “after cleaning” flow test and finally, provide you a report with all of the results.  Don’t hope your fuel injectors are getting cleaned, know your fuel injector are clean!

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