Fuel Injector Ultrasonic Cleaning & Flow Testing
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Natural Gas CNG Fuel Injector Cleaning Service

The fuel injectors used in compressed natural gas or CNG bi-fuel vehicles are nearly identical to their gasoline counterparts.  However, the CNG fuel injectors experience much higher flow than regular fuel injectors, but they use the same tiny filters or filter baskets.  We are not talking about fuel filters here, every electronic fuel injector has it’s own filter, also known as filter basket in the top of the injector.  Due to the high flow of CNG through the injector, the compressed natural gas filter baskets tend to get very dirty over time.  If the fuel injectors are not serviced on a regular basis, dirty and clogged filter baskets can cause damage to your engine. Race City Injector services all CNG and Bi-fuel fuel injectors by removing filters, ultrasonically cleaning & back flushing, flow testing and installing new o-rings and filter baskets. Let Race City Injector perform our Natural Gas CNG Fuel Injector Cleaning Service on your vehicle today.

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